I think we can all agree, what a week that was! What a roller coast of emotions that was and still is.
We love the fact that you are all coming along for the ride with us.

The week started with us teaching our very first online pilates classes. Our audiences response have been amazing, Thank you.

We have all been in the same boat all week. It has been nerve-racking, scary, exciting, a whole new experience for all of us.
The feedback so far has been great, and we are very grateful for all the feedback you give us.

Don’t forget, our new online classes are not limited to 1 class a week. You can join in as many times as you wish, or at a convenient time for you.

This is just for you, our members, so don’t hesitate to get your pilates session now!

If you want to know more about Pilates and how it could benefit you contact us using the easy to complete the contact form here, email us on info@thepilatesroomsurmston.com, call us on 07816 913107 or even just call in and see us