How long do the classes run?

Our Pilates classes last between 45 – 50 minutes depending on the class you choose.
Our Yoga classes last for 50 minutes because of COVID 19 Government guidelines.

Is it ok to combine Yoga and Pilates classes?

Yes definitely. Joseph Pilates took inspiration from Yoga many years ago and what is potentially missing in one discipline can be found in the other e.g. the stretching and focus on relaxation can bring more to your Pilates practice and the strength and balance found during Pilates can improve your Yoga postures.

What do I wear to the classes?

It is best to wear something comfortable that you can move around in. Layers usually work best as you can add to / remove when necessary. A reasonably fitted underlayer is good on top in case you do anything that brings the hips higher than your shoulders so that your top doesn’t ‘ride up’. We advise people to wear socks, but if you’re on your own mat you can be barefoot. The studio is nice and warm so that you will be comfortable.

Is it ok to do just one class a week or should I do more?

For general ‘maintenance’ it’s fine to do one class a week and you will notice your body becoming stronger as the weeks and months pass. If you want to see results faster then maybe combine matwork with some Pilates equipment sessions or come twice a week to group mat classes.

How do I choose a good Pilates or Yoga class/instructor?

There are so many levels of Pilates and Yoga training out there so check that your instructor is fully qualified and that their training has been at least 6-12 months with a substantial amount of apprenticeship. They should also hold a First Aid certificate. However it’s also important that you like your instructor and their approach – after all exercise is meant to be enjoyable!

I suffer from an illness/medical condition and I’m not sure if Pilates/Yoga/either will benefit me?

This is entirely specific to the individual and your condition so the best thing to do would be to get your Doctors/Consultants go-ahead first and then either call or pop in to the studio to speak to one of the Instructors and we will advise you accordingly. We have both Pilates and Yoga teachers that are trained to help with rehabilitation and also Relaxation specialists that can simply help you unwind.

How long can I do Pilates/Yoga for if I’m pregnant?

The advice is that if you’ve never done an exercise regime before don’t start it when you become pregnant. However if you have done Pilates/Yoga before then it is fine to carry on as long as you feel fit and healthy. The movements will need to be adapted for you at various stages in your pregnancy to make it safe for you and baby.

When can I return to my classes after the birth?

Once you have been signed off by your Healthcare provider, which is usually six-weeks after a normal delivery and a little longer after a ceasarean

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