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I started Pilates for general health and wellbeing and since I have been attending class I have noticed I have better posture and more core strength. I always find Louisa very friendly and helpful, and she gives good easy to follow instructions. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Ailsa Delaney

I wanted to do Pilates to improve my fitness following diagnosis of knee and back problems, I have noticed my balancing on one leg is better. Louisa is a great instructor and the class is worthwhile attending I would recommend without doubt.

Karen Briody

“Louisa and her team are brilliant! I’ve had the pleasure of doing both MAT and Reformer classes at the Pilates Room and the instructors make you feel welcome, secure and in no way judged. This isn’t a studio full of “gym bunnies” it’s a studio that’s been created for real people to access and improve their health and well-being. From the online booking system to the classes themselves this studio is polished, professional and a little Pilates haven”

Claire Palmer

I started Pilates for general health and well being. I have been attending class for about 11 months and have noticed an improvement in my balance. The class is very good, it would be better if there was more time at the end to chat to Louisa before the next class comes in. She is an excellent instructor and I would recommend to friends

Gillian Hall

I have been attending Pilates since Sept 2013 for general health and well being, and I am feeling more toned in areas that needed to be. Louisa gives fabulous tuition and I would firmly recommend. I love the way we progress because it can be easy to become bored doing the same routines. Classes are fun and friendly whilst still taking us further, I always love ‘that Friday Feeling’

Linda Bailey

I have been attending Louisa’s Pilates classes since Sept, and have noticed less aches and pains in my neck and back improved posture

Before being pregnant, I used to attend a class in Manchester (which no longer exists now) which was intermediate / advanced and it was brutal.

I appreciate that you tailor the class to all abilities but I do wonder whether those of us that are intermediate or above had an option to attend an advanced slot where you really work us hard for a good chunk of the class. My core is not as strong as I would like, and whereas I think it’s great that you focus on all areas of the body, I’d really like an intense workout to the core as part of every class. I want to be in pain the next day! But I appreciate that might be just me that feels that way and maybe I need to find something that compliments your class to achieve that.

I think you’re fab! You have an excellent way of describing each exercise that enables you to really visualise what we’re trying to achieve which I think is some of the context that I was missing with previous classes. I do think that with dedicated classes aimed at the specific levels (as opposed to trying to cater for such a range of abilities in one class) this would help you to push the ones that want pushing even harder. I think this would also contribute positively to the pace and rhythm of the class itself too.

Sarah Baker

………I have fibromyalgia and was recommended to do pilates by my GP for my overall well being as well as specific benefits for the conduit My posture hasn’t improved to the point that I automatically stand up straight but I do notice now when I’m not!!!!. am also nearly pain relief free for the fibromyalgia and have been for 2-3 months It just makes me feel good. …………Louisa’s classes are fabulous – everyone gets one on one attention and the classes are so enjoyable you don’t notice how hard you are working – until the day after!!

Judith and Graham Sandiford

Myself and my husband started Pilates because we needed to do something!. I have noticed I feel more relaxed and better in myself and my husband is walking better. Louisa is an excellent instructor very patient and understanding, nothing is too much trouble. I feel as though it as really helped my arthritis

Heather Smith

I started Pilates because I wanted improve my core strength and tone and also stress relief, I defiantly feel more flexible and more relaxed at work. I would defiantly recommend to anyone wishing to take up Pilates. It is a very professional service and Louisa has a wide knowledge of how the body works and what potential you can allow your body to progress and reach to.

Susan Stephenson

I come to Pilates for general well being and to help me relax. I have better posture and it must of helped me to loose weight as friends have commented. I love coming to my Pilates class Louisa makes everyone feel welcome and we have laugh as well as exercising. I have already recommended several friends

Tracie Barton

I do Pilates as I have shoulder neck and upper back problems caused by pregnancy and a car accident, I have better posture and the pain has improved and it disappears with classes. Louisa’s instruction is very clear and very detailed avoiding any injuries for clients. Louisa continually changes the exercises each week to challenge us further and this maintains interest and uses different muscle groups.

Karen Wilkinson

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