Yoga breathing techniques to exercise the lungs, free the breath and balance the body and mind

Using breath, body awareness & sensations and visualisation techniques to bring you back to balance, calm and clarity

Candlelight Yoga
Mainly floor-based, this gentle candlelit class will put you deeply in touch with the sensations of your body. Helping you to find useful ways to move, breathe and relax. This class is suitable for beginners and beneficial for all.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
Deep relaxation is vital for the health of our nervous system. Laying down you will be guided around your body into a deeply relaxed state.

Hatha Yoga is a gentle class designed to help both mind and body creating  a feeling of lightness, ease and relaxation. Our Yoga classes are suitable for everyone and you don’t have to be flexible to join in.

Regular Yoga practice can improve strength, flexibility, and balance; reduce stress; lower blood pressure; increase strength and bone density and reduced anxiety.

We have both daytime and evening Hatha Yoga classes here in Urmston, click here to take a look at our Class Timetable.

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