Mat Pilates Classes


We provide small group classes ensuring clients are given individual advice and attention throughout the session.

During a Matwork class the exercises focus on balance, posture, core strength and flexibility. You are taken through a sequence of movements starting from standing and finishing on the floor. Matwork Pilates focuses on strengthening the stomach and back muscles. This aligns the spine and improves posture. The long term benefit of this is you learn to reprogram the way you hold yourself, and, as you go through life, you will be stronger, more stable and less prone to injury.

Group classes are limited to ten and are run on a monthly rolling block, all clients are screened before attending a session and advice given for specific issues. Where possible a clinical assessment is arranged for anyone with any injury or back issue.

DUE TO THE CURRENT PANDEMIC – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT, if you decide to become a member you will also be given a starter pack to bring to class with you each week which includes A BALL AND A BAND – Please also see our COVID COMPLIANCE GUIDANCE

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