Well, its December and we all know what that means! It means that our stress levels are going in one direction: UP.

So its the 1st of December and I had to put my tree up; I am the biggest kid in my house. So advent calendars are on the mantelpiece and my tree is all lite up and my house feels all Christmassy.

The December Christmas list is well underway,

1. Christmas tree: ✅

Let us get started on presents. Secretly I have had this on my mind since the summer (organising things that I shouldn’t really be organising at that time), my Christmas shopping has been well underway for some time now. Nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, children, partners and on and on and on it goes. It does remind me of the scene in Love Actually when she holds up the 2 dolls (I am also obsessed with Christmas films, my advent calendar this year is Christmas film calendar and to watch a different film every day, Home Alone to enjoy today).

So you fight through the traffic and the car parks, queues after queues. I have to mention that the weather is so cold at the moment, I am wearing a million layers, my hang bag is getting heavier and heavier and my shoulders are getting closer and closer to my ears as the day goes on!

2. Christmas presents: ✅

As soon as it becomes December, how often do you say, “well its nearly Christmas, I can have one” Christmas parties, what am I going to wear? I can’t wear last years outfit, I need a new one! So back to the shops for a last-minute buy, for clothes for yourself. Shoes that you will wear for about an hour because you have your fold up flat shoes in your handbag.

3. Christmas outfit: ✅

I have to say I feel absolutely blessed, I teach Pilates, so I am still doing my classes, so exercise is still on my weekly (daily) plan, but how many of you have stopped going to your exercise classes? Do you think that you are too busy?

“I have to go and do my Christmas shopping”

“I’m so tired work is so busy at this time of year, I’ll just miss my class tonight”

“My kids are so busy at school, I need to help them”

Remember this time of year, yes it is cold outside, your stress levels do lift, and we all indulge a little bit more than we normally do. Just remember that you’re out buying for everyone else and thinking of other people, but you are just as important. So this is for you, don’t forget about yourself, you need to look after you, relax those shoulders and destress yourself through exercise.

So don’t forget to get to your class and have that little bit of time just for yourself, treat yourself and make that hour all about you.

Remember at the Pilates Rooms you can move your class to another night, we do understand it is a busy time of year and we are here to help you as much as we can.

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